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Waiting list 

We believe in the power of connection and fate. That's why our waitlist is a rolling list, meaning that once you place a deposit, you will be added to the master waitlist and have the opportunity to choose your puppy in order of the deposit placed. We understand that choosing a puppy is a big decision, and we want to make sure you find the perfect one for you. If you're not happy with the ones available to you at choosing time, we'll roll you over to the next litter and give you a higher pick until you find the perfect puppy for your family.

Since all of our litters are about the same size

(We only breed mini 15-25lbs and micro goldendoodles 9-15lbs) and same coloring (our doodles are only the red, red tuxedo, red abstract, apricots and some parti's)   I have found the rolling waitlist to be the best fit for every vs per litter to be able to find exactly what they are looking for .

Also please see the "past puppies" tab to look at what all of our past puppies looked like and who their mama is and their size full grown. 



1. Breeder 

2. The Vang Family

3. The Lomax Family

4. The Kurtzman Family

5. The Tobias Family 

6. The Morgolis Family

7. The Lee Family

8. The Browne Family 

9. The Kiefer Family

10. The Stanton Family

11. The Smith Family 

12. Available spot 

13. Available spot

Dolly's retirement litter due May go home in June/ July. We are breeding her with Cozy. We will be expecting Red Tuxedos.  

1. Breeder

2. Breeder

3. The Ellis Family 

4. The Crooks Family 

5. The Tomlin Family 

6. Available spot

7. Available spot

8. Available spot


Foxy & Cozy's Micro litter 12-18 lbs (June 24')

Snowy & Teddy's Micro litter 10-15 lbs (June 24')

Valley & Cozy's mini litter 20-25lbs (July 24')

Penny & Teddy Micro litter 10-18 lbs (August 24')

Contact: Brittney Steichen 
@ Paddingtondoodles 

916-261-7980 (Call or Text anytime)

or DM us on IG: Paddingtondoodles

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